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In good company: Jeffrey Tambor and Jessica Walter star in the acclaimed Arrested Development.LETTER OF THE WEEKA well-developed list, but we’re hungry for the wolves

It was great to see how Michael Idato had broadened his base to make a selection of the 20 best-written TV shows and to see in this list not only Mitchell Hurwitz’s Arrested Development, but the Mexican telenovela Den of Wolves (Cuna de Lobos), which SBS aired in the 1990s and which I thought was one of the best programming decisions it has ever made. What about showing it again, SBS?

Ian Johnston, Millswood

Turn the other cheek

The film I Served the King of England on SBS was not soft porn but a serious look at life in Czechoslovakia in the pre and post-World War II period. The image in question was of a German facility where army officers were mating with good ”Aryan stock”. I suggest letter writer Brian Harvey be advised to seek help.

Geoffrey Blakemore, Berwick

Well out of line

How can Frontline possibly be regarded as ”one of the best shows ever”, when it was a blatant ripoff of the infinitely better Drop the Dead Donkey?

David Taylor, Brunswick West

Current inoculations

Yes. I occasionally switch to a current affairs show by accident. Frontline is the only known antidote.

John Pinniger, Fairfield

Good clean fun

Brian Harvey (Letters, 13/6), you need help. I’ve scoured last week’s Green Guide and can’t find anything offensive – including the postage stamp-size picture of a couple of blurry bottoms on page 22.

Markie Linhart, Daylesford

Left all at sea

What was Channel Ten thinking by launching Reef Doctors on a notoriously bad weekend for ratings with virtually no publicity? After unsurprising dismal ratings they are now taking it off air until June 21 when it will reappear in the dud timeslot of 9.30pm on a Friday night. One wonders why they bothered commissioning it. Back to Modern Family repeats in the perfect timeslot for a local family show.

Helen Field, Ormond

Issue deserves screen time

Bravo, ABC, for screening On Borrowed Time by renowned filmmaker David Bradbury, and embracing the life of Paul Cox. How powerful it would now be for the ABC to screen Paul’s latest film, The Dinner Party, in which eight liver recipients discuss their amazing experiences. As a live kidney donor and an ambassador for DonateLife Vic, I share Paul’s passion to increase donor awareness and to save about 1600 on transplant waiting lists.

Janine Joseph, Prahran East

Trouble around the corner?

Re: Silent Witness. First Harry. Now Leo. Run Nikki. Run.

Pamela Pilgrim, Highett

Playing nice is better

In response to Ellen Mcgregor (Letters, 13/6), who wonders about Sunday morning sports shows, I highly recommend Offsiders at 10.30am on ABC1. It is entertaining, with sensible and logical discussions. No suits and no schoolyard behaviour. The only problem is it goes for only 30 minutes.

Geoff Burston, Tullamarine

On the outs

Latest gems on Piers Akerman’s blog-site: ”Gillard dives to the bottom of the sewer” … ”Tick, Tock, Gillard can’t hear the clock” … ”Gillard cooks herself over the phony menu”. Do we really need a person like this on our ABC Insiders?

Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

No spoilers, thanks

Guessing the guests appearing on SBS’s RocKwiz is part of the fun of watching the show. Please, Green Guide, stop publishing their names as this is spoiling any surprise.

Jenny Gailans, Reservoir

(Not) blind to Injustice

Congratulations, ABC, on Anthony Horowitz’s gritty mini-series Injustice. You could’ve demolished the house around me, I wouldn’t have noticed. Tight script, the actors suited their parts, even the ones you love to hate, and the ending was perfect!

Marie Eberbach, Eltham

Blown away

Rebecca Judd, weather girl, I admire your excellent delivery, your charm, and your shining hair. And I like that you wear real clothes.

Judy Bierwirth, Ashburton

Reel in behaviour

RSPCA regulation, Section 8.1.1 states: ”RSPCA Australia considers that the available scientific evidence demonstrates that fish are sentient animals … ” In iFish (One), fish are hauled in, handled, measured, still hooked, released, sometimes nearly unconscious, into the water. No lifejackets are worn. The World Health Organisation estimates the annual cost to Australia of accidental drownings is $US88.5 million. If iFish cannot set a better example, it is time it was taken off our screens.

Arthur Comer, Sebastopol

War of words

Alan Whitcombe (Letters, 6/6) was right to correct the snide description of American soldiers as ”assassins” by Paul Kalina in his review of The Truth Is? I was saddened that readers Peter Warburton and Meg Higgins were moved by their political prejudices to attack Australian soldiers who fought in Vietnam in the service of our nation.

Bryan Finlay, Nyora

Convoluted conversation

One can only agree with J.V. Michael (Letters, 13/6) regarding the onscreen tweets during Q&A. They are not only seriously distracting but they trivialise what should be a serious program. Q&A was once a ”must-watch” quality program. On the rare occasions when I do attempt to watch it, I mostly find myself quickly changing channels.

Peter Cowden, Clifton Springs

Hashtag backlash

I enjoy using Twitter, but I hate it when every reality or sports show tweets on screen during their broadcasts. Get rid of it!

Shane Ritter, Adelaide

Call for radio silence

Right-wing propagandist Tom Elliott was mild mannered when first replacing Derryn on 3AW’s afternoon drive slot. However, since the ratings have slipped he has regressed. Now he acts the tough guy, is rude to callers who disagree with him and says (absurdly) that he supports more ”biffo” on the footy field. This an excellent case of the market shaping the man.

Philip Cassell, Malvern East

A lesson for Underwood

I used to like Kelli Underwood as a commentator but … she wants to define her own style by channelling old-style commentators. She only ends up sounding cliched and hackneyed. She refuses to refer to a netball quarter as a ”quarter” and insists on using ”stanza”. Good commentators know when to lose a word. Bruce hardly ever says ”special” and Denis hardly ever says ”centimetre perfect” any more because they became hackneyed. Kelli should learn from that.

Peter D’Castro, Cremorne

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