Officers break down in court over shot colleague

Shot dead while on duty: Senior Constable David Rixon. Photo: Barry SmithA police officer lying bloodied on the ground, colleagues frantically trying to help him, and an alleged gunman groaning while curled up in the foetal position.
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Two Tamworth police officers became emotional in court on Thursday as they recalled that scene, which confronted them the morning Senior Constable David Rixon was shot near a block of units on Lorraine Street.

Inspector Kylie Endemi, who was rostered on as duty officer on the morning of March 2, 2012, recalled Senior Constable Rixon lying on his back, with two colleagues kneeling by his side trying to resuscitate him.

At times, her voice cracked as she gave evidence.

That morning, 49-year-old Michael Allan Jacobs, the man accused of shooting Senior Constable Rixon, was also lying on the ground injured, having been shot by the officer, the court heard.

Jacobs has pleaded not guilty to murdering Senior Constable Rixon.

The jury has been told Jacobs blamed another man, Terrance “Terry” Price, for the shooting when police arrived at the units.

Inspector Endemi said she instructed other officers to locate Mr Price, and they later took him into custody.

Crown prosecutor Pat Barrett has previously told the court Mr Price denied having anything to do with the shooting, and police did not find any gunshot residue on his hands.

The court heard Mr Price told police who arrived at his home: “I’ve been here with my missus all night. I didn’t shoot anyone.”

Under cross-examination from Jacobs’ defence barrister, Tim Hoyle, SC, Inspector Endemi remembered seeing Jacobs lying on the concrete outside the units.

“He was lying in the foetal position on his right hand aside,” she told the NSW Supreme Court in Sydney. “He was groaning.”

Constable Hayley Simshauser said she saw Senior Constable Rixon lying on the ground with blood on the front of his body.

“When you got there the picture confronting you was obviously a very distressing one. There were a lot of police there and Senior Constable Rixon was clearly very badly injured and people were doing what they could to help him?” Mr Hoyle asked.

“Yes,” Constable Simshauser replied, before briefly breaking down.

“Your attention was focused on this rather than making precise notes on what happened?” “Yes,” she said.

She said she was instructed to tape off Lorraine Street, before later going with other officers to take Terry Price into custody.

Jacobs’ trial continues before Justice Richard Button.

The original release of this article first appeared on the website of Shanghai Night Net.