Thieves cheat good samaritan

Jean Bingham hates to see her dog Timmy suffer but cannot afford a vet bill to have the dog put down after her handbag was stolen. Photo: LYNN PINKERTONSource: Central Western Daily

Orange woman Jean Bingham was robbed after helping two women find their way home on Tuesday night, in an act described by police as “disgraceful”.

Mrs Bingham, “out of the goodness of her heart”, offered two younger women a lift home about 1am on Wednesday morning.

They took advantage of her kindness and stole her handbag, which contained valuable possessions and cash.

Mrs Bingham is devastated she has not a cent to her name until her next pay day.

“I was going to put the dog down today because he is so unwell, but I can’t because I have no money,” she said.

“I have no way to pay the bills.”

To make matters worse, her daughter Alice had given Mrs Bingham her debit card with the pin.

Alice’s account was cleaned out.

Mrs Bingham pulled up in her car at the BP service station to get some money out of the ATM when the two women approached her and asked for a lift home to Kurim Avenue.

Mrs Bingham said she wanted to see them home safely because it was freezing.

“I won’t be doing a good deed for anybody ever again,” she said.

“They took advantage of the kindness of an older lady and now I am without money to register my car.”

By the time she realised her handbag had been snatched from the foot well of the passenger seat, the two women had disappeared, leaving the 61-year-old without her wallet, medication, house keys and glasses.

Mrs Bingham found it difficult to describe the two women but said they were about mid-20s. One was of a large build, about 160 centimetres tall and wearing purple clothes.

One woman had a jacket with a wool trim.

Canobolas Local Area Command acting Inspector Brenden Turner said the incident was deplorable.

“These unscrupulous young ladies have taken advantage of the kindness of a stranger,” he said.

Police intended to view CCTV footage yesterday afternoon from the service station, which they hoped would lead to an arrest.

Mrs Bingham said her bag was black and had a white clutch purse inside.

Anyone with information is urged to call Orange police on 6363 6399.