Wife without ghost of a chance in property row

The matrimonial home had several problems, the woman at the centre of a property dispute claimed – recurrent termite infestations, slugs in the shower and a resident ghost.

The woman, dubbed Ms Descas in the Federal Magistrates Court, had her solicitors point out the drawbacks to a property assessor in an attempt to lower the value of the NSW property and reduce the share she would need to pay her husband.

But the valuer failed to appreciate her concern regarding the ghost.

”Exorcism is not one of our many speciality services and unless the ghost was held captive in the room to which we could not gain access, it must have been at lunch,” he replied.

The couple had been married for 18 years and Mr Descas wanted to sell the house, while Ms Descas wanted to stay there and pay him out for his share.

They agreed to appoint a property valuer, at which point Ms Descas warned her husband that the house was haunted. Mr Descas said: “That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Why do you want to stay there then?”

She replied: “I’m staying in that house whatever it takes.”

Ms Descas maintained in her evidence the house was haunted.

She said a lot of people in her street knew it was haunted and that her nephew had seen the ghost.

Years after they moved there, she ”felt something” in one room.

But Federal Magistrate Stephen Scarlett dismissed the claim as ”ludicrous”.

”I found this account of the alleged haunting to be unbelievable and I am satisfied that the claim was fabricated for an ulterior purpose, namely, as an attempt to influence the valuer to return a low valuation of the former matrimonial home,” Federal Magistrate Scarlett said in his ruling which was handed down in February.

He ordered that Mr Descas transfer his title rights and interest in the property to Ms Descas, and she pay him $189,000 by way of settlement – nearly $40,000 more than the figure she proposed.

The original release of this article first appeared on the website of Hangzhou Night Net.